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Boardwalk entrance repair and more…

This is just a note that we were able to take advantage of a break in the weather on Friday to complete a few little building tasks we have had in the works:

1. The replacement of all the remaining joist brackets on our entrance ramp.  These should be good now for quite a few more years.

2. Also we planted a few of the remaining tulips in the yard.  Maybe we will have a few more flowers next spring if all goes well.

3. We replaced the lower front door seal.   Since the new seal is a little tighter than the old worn out one, you may have to pull the front door shut behind you until it wears in.

4. We placed a new rubber bumper on the lower catch to hold the door open on the rear wooden church entrance door.  The bare steel here was starting to wear a hole in the carpet and the new rubber bumper should prevent that.  If you open this door, please be careful to allow enough room for the organist and the people in the loft area to enter and exit.

5. We cleaned some of the largest piles of gravel and sod from the snow plows out of the grass.   Some additional raking will need to be done later to remove the rest of the parking lot gravel and get it back in the lot.

6.  We replaced the organist parking sign as well as replaced both handicapped signs (about a week ago) as the signs faded to almost all white rather than white and blue.

We have a few other building updates to address like the rear soffit repair where it’s hanging down, likely some new louvers or paint for around the bell in the steeple, some repairs for the deteriorating block on the front steps, and the like as the weather improves. We’ll keep you all posted as they progress.