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When St. Johns was organized in 1893, there was no organ. The church members purchased their first organ in 1894. For a time in 1923, the organ was the only thing in the organ loft, and the seats there were removed. They were replaced in April 1926. On August 30th of 1942, the church members dedicated a new organ that had been purchased earlier. The previous organ was replaced now by a newer Orgatron, or electric organ which used a fan to blow over reeds to mimic a pipe organ. On November 10th of 1968, the then-current organ was replaced with a new pipe organ which serves the members until now. This organ is listed in the Historic Pipe Organs of the Keeweenaw book that is published by the Isle Royale and Keeweenaw Parks Association.

This organ was built by the Verlinder Organ Company of Milwaukee WI. At that time it was dedicated, it consisted of 232 pipes distributed through 4 ranks. The current pastor at that time, Rev. Frank J Shultz demonstrated the various stops of the organ at the dedication ceremony.

The open pipes of this organ were installed in the rear of the organ loft at the back of the sanctuary and surround the rope that is still used at every service to ring the steeple bell. The console is at the left side of the balcony. In 1977, a 2-foot flute rank was added to this organ as a memorial to Helen Messner who served as organist for 37 years.

These modifications raised the count to 257 pipes and the Stop list included:

  • 8′ open Diapason
  • 8′ Flute
  • 8′ String
  • 4′ Flute
  • 2′ Flute
  • 4′ Coupler
  • 16′ Coupler
  • Tremulant

38 years later, B.K Kellogg and Associates rebuilt and enhanced this organ at a cost of $16,000. Work included replacing the original relays, console stop controls, key contacts, and wiring. Also the leather on the wind regulator, the tremulant and the wooden pipe stoppers was renewed and interior actions were reworked as necessary. At this time an additional rank of pipes was also added bringing the new count to 354 pipes. With these additions, the new stops became:

  • 8′ Principle
  • 8′ Holz Gedackt
  • 8′ Traverse Flute
  • 8′ Dulciana
  • 8′ Unda Maris TC
  • 4′ Octave
  • 4′ Traverse Flute
  • 4′ Coupler
  • 16′ Coupler
  • Tremulant

There is a Crescendo pedal for this organ as well, but there are no presets