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St. John’s Announcements

  • St. Johns: Electrical Work

    As we discussed earlier, we have some very old wiring that we are starting to address this week. So if you go to the church for any reason, please be aware that some electrical circuits are turned off.  -DO NOT turn any breakers back on- since we have open wiring that is being addressed. I have attached…

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  • January Update

    We planted a few tulip bulbs in the yard this fall to add to our spring display. With the low snow cover, I’m not sure how well they will do getting established, but I guess we will see in the spring. We are looking to move out of VHS tapes. Remember that the end of…

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  • Flower Box Update

    For those of you that may not have seen it due to the picnic last week, we have completed the new flower box and sign. Some pics are attached in the bright sun and when it was a little overcast. The new box has a galvanized metal insert for the dirt (with some drain holes) so…

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