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January Update

We planted a few tulip bulbs in the yard this fall to add to our spring display. With the low snow cover, I’m not sure how well they will do getting established, but I guess we will see in the spring.

We are looking to move out of VHS tapes. Remember that the end of January, we will be disposing of the VHS tapes of services, and we believe we will be also getting rid any other remaining tapes for instructional purposes. If it is determined they are still useful, we will use our digital converter to save them that way. We expect the VCR to go at that point as well as we move forward with our technology.

Pastor has suggested we might want to consider starting a Sunday School this fall. We would love to get your thoughts on that. We should probably go through the old materials and update as needed and of course, we would need volunteers.

With that in mind… It has also been suggested that we might consider doing a spring cleanup at some point this year. We haven’t gone through the shelves or back storage for a while and we should probably evaluate what we still think is useful and what isn’t.

Finally, we have some block repair that will need to be done on the front steps, we are considering a motion light for the ramp entrance (nice on dark winter nights when you are trying to find your key) and some painting in the works as well. For now, we have just put some foam in the crumbling block under the steps to prevent further water damage with spring or summer repairs being considered. As those projects progress, we will keep you informed.

Finally, as we near the first anniversary of our website redesign, we would like to get your feedback on what you like, or don’t, or what you might like to see there.

As always, we welcome your insights or suggestions and especially your help (financial or otherwise) as that really makes the jobs easier!